VaySoft Text to Speech Converter for Google

VaySoft Text to Speech Converter for Google is a professional text to speech TTS desktop application software for pc, it can convert your text to hight quality human-like voice sound file using Google Cloud Text-to-Speech technology.

There is a SSML editor inside, professionally optimized for Google text to speech technology, it will help you generate well and high-quality voice sound without any difficulty.

The created voice sound file can be used as AI dubbing in any field. such as Video(including on websites, YouTube or tik tok videos), Powerpoint PPT/PPTX, Electronic book, Electronic product, Mobile App, MediaOwned Mediaself Media, etc.

Main features


Supports 180 voices across 30+ languages and variants, with more to come soon.

Exclusive multilingual access to DeepMind WaveNet voices that provide the most natural-sounding speech.

Customize your speech with SSML tags that allow you to add pauses, numbers, date and time formatting, and other pronunciation instructions.

SSML support

Supports not only text to speech directly but also supports SSML to speech.

Supports SSML tags such as speak, say-as, break, audio, media, par, seq, p, s

Supports SSML Beauty, minify, check basic syntactic.

Supports SSML code folding, SSML element attributes edit.

Supports display the length of text or SSML characters in real-time.

Windows Professional tooll

We provide windows Desktop application for you. You do not need any IT technology capacity, You just need to focus on how to make the best result of Text to Speech itself.

All features in one desktop application, the application is free. You can set up your favorite voice, no need to set up voice before every creating sound file.

Support window 7/10 or above.

The application is free to use and free upgrades online to new versions at any time.

Low price

The price dese on how many points you want to convert to speech, the more points the more price. If the voice type is standard, one character one point. if the voice is WaveNet, one character four characters.

Start at only $2.99, to get 63,000 points to convert. You can select the suitable scheme base on what you want

The first signup in one computer will get 1,000 points free so that you can try it.

You can buy points at any time, and consume it within 29 days. No subscription required.

PayPal is the payment way.